CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Friday, January 28, 2011

True Tales from a CPR Section House - Why did I choose this title?

Having followed this blog on another site , a few have asked 'Why this name ?'

I am remembering many things from childhood , so I remember my true experiences ( thoughts/feelings/actions) from that point of view.

I have heard many of these stories often -from the point of view of different narrators-each influenced by their own experiences /needs .

 As listener , my reactions differed because of my age and life knowledge , with each telling. So , I added new bits and facts , always understanding more than before .   

Now I approach these stories as a sixty year old , whose life experience to this point has sorted out things a great deal more than I was able as a child .

 I want younger ones to know the stories from my place , and untangle what they can with each hearing and retelling . I want them to picture it in their heads , under their own influence . I want that picture to clarify itself when their parents , grandparents , aunts and uncles remember and retell it their way .

Whose to know if it is truth or tale ? I am of the opinion that both words are essential to name the stories that I write here . 

The truth is in the facts and the tale is in the telling .

This blog is only the next step in the ' tale-ing' of our family stories .

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Anonymous said...

It's funny , must be the age thing but I am inspired to wrrite a similar story . I wish I was able to paint a picture with words .

I have an uncle who wrote his life story and made it sound as though he was the only person in his family / school / mine....... on one existed in thevillage exept to make him look good. Thats sad that someone would write a tale from the 30's and waste so much time and effort .