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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enough Is Enough

  Being near Sudbury , Mum's third pregnacy was under the care of a doctor more regularly than for Sis and I . In the 1950's , birth was fairly well taken away from women . Doctors knew what was best ...in their educated opinion .

She was sure it would be a boy. " I was carrying him much higher than you girls . It was the first time I had morning sickness ." So , she had picked out boy names ready for the occasion . And , little boy clothes were being accumulated at haste in preparation . Dad couldn't see how she could be so sure . But , there was no persuading her otherwise ...

Our hand-me-downs were not suited in this case . Money was tight . There were not too many pennies in the mason jar nowadays . The time and energy of earlier days was used up with normal chores and child rearing . Knitting income had virtually dried up . Luckily , Dad's brother and sister-in-law in Sudbury could help out and all money that could be saved was put toward new items .

Mum practised the 'rhythm method' of birth control and kept her babies well spaced apart - 3 years . When she got pregnant the third time , it was  surprising as it was about 6 months earlier than the plan . However , she realized soon enough that she was due near the middle to end of April 1954 . At least that was how her calendar read . Her predictions were 2 for 2 to that point.

 When the time came , labour pains began right on cue and Mum headed into Sudbury to the hospital . The doctor was sure the baby was coming too early despite Mum's calculation . He chose to give her a 'shot' to stop the pains and keep the baby in place for a while . This 'while' ended up 2 or 3 weeks longer.

Doctors in this time period were always giving needles with newly developed medicines . Mum was always glad that she had refused morning sickness shots . As it turned out Thalidamide did cure morning sickness at the sacrifice of limbs and much more in the developing fetuses .
 When labour began again , it was much more uncomfortable with new pain that was foreign to Mum . At the hospital , the doctor gave her a 'shot' . It worked very well for it stopped all pain...including the labour . Birth was delayed again . Two more weeks passed .

 By this time , Mum was tired of being pregnant to say the least . " He was so long ," she told me ," It felt like his head was trying to break free ; he was punching my stomach with his fists ; and his heels were in my throat ."  Perhaps a little exaggerated , but it did make a visual impression on me as she described it in later years .

 As the doctor drew his syringe from the holster on the third attempt at birth , Mum told him all to clearly that 'enough was enough' and that baby was coming out 'now' .

 Mum and Dad's third child , a boy , was finally born at the end of May 1954...between paydays , 28 inches in length , 9 pounds 6 ounces and "eating like a horse ."

7/8months old winter of 54-55

15 months/55

12 months 1955

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