CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Digging Through Old Photos

Here are a few photos that tie into my tales . More will follow as I locate them .

You can see how closely the Mattawa to Temiscaming run followed the Ottawa River on the Quebec side . In spring melt , portions of track would be under water for short periods of time . When the Otto Holden Generating Station was built , the track from the La Cave Rapids to Snake Creek was raised 10 feet higher to
accommodate Lac LaCave which formed behind the dam . The line diverted north away from the river just east of Snake Creek since the flats became submerged and the creek filled in back to the falls .

The Signal Man rode inside the caboose at the rear of the train . Once he gave the all clear signal to the engineer in the locomotive , he climbed into the cupola at the top of the caboose to maintain visual contact with the locomotive . There were no radios to pass messages so hand , flag and lantern signals were used .

Small mishaps often occured in which no one was injured . In this case , a freight train had pulled into a siding track off the main line beside a rail gang that was parked on the outside siding . It would wait until the opposing through-train passed before resuming its trip . Unfortunately , 2 or 3 box cars on the freight left the rails and fell against the service cars . Fortunately , the flat car loaded with scrap metal and rail was heavy enough to hold the service cars in place , thus holding up the mislocated box cars . Since the tipped box cars were in the middle of the freight train , the locomotive was able to pull the cars back up onto the rail with no damage to either train . The rail gang was able to replace the shredded ties and twisted rail in short order . This could not have happened at a better location and time .

 Rail gangs like this lived in service cars near the work site . The service cars followed the work progress .


thepowmill said...

The tipped train was pulled upright first using a large loader , onto its wheels , I believe...not sure .

rwsummers said...

I have a cottage where the water tower was. We cleaned out the old dam and use the old piping for out water supply. I also have a plan of the CPR for Campeau township prior to the flooding

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful ,rwsummers. Those kind of photos are rare except from the people on the ground so to speak. Hopefully you can post it where we all can take a look. Thanks so much for your comment.