CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Monday, January 23, 2012


Quake.....Shake...Swim...Jerk...Twist...Mash...Monkey...  Pony...Frug...

It was all put into the classification of Go-Go . And go-go I did. Every chance I got.

There is nothing more in tune with the teenager than to jump and contort and appear out of control to the adults in their life. Or at least that stereotype was the one promoted to us . We were supposed to be different , to rebel, to think that we could change the world. 

Life gave us the freedom our parents didn't have . We went for it. We were new and unique. There had been nothing like us before. In true teenage arrogance , we pursued that image eventually in more than dance.

No one really knew what exactly we were going to do to change the world but we would dance  until we found out.

Go-Go was the beginning of that change . Made up of  many individual dances , the need to gel as a group spurred connection. It allowed us to bring our own style and blend in with a like-minded group  while still being individuals. Well ..that is what we thought.

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