CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Friday, February 10, 2012

An Anniversary

My second post in this blog was ' How It Started/Soldier War Bride/CPR ' on January 28, 2011. Today is the date , February 10 in 1946 that my Mum landed in Halifax - an immigrant war bride to Canada. Fresh out of the British Army.

The Canadian Encyclopedia sent out a reminder on their Fb page with a post on just that subject.

A couple of weeks after disembarking Mum found herself enjoying her first Canadian winter with new nieces and nephews.
Mum was one of over 40 000 women who made that trip on that ship and others.

Arriving in Canada during the coldest part of the winter was no easy thing. Other cold receptions did not make it any easier. But she stayed and made a new life with Dad in Northern Ontario courtesy of 'Canada' and the CPR.

More information about the ship is available here Cunard-White Star Line to the home page. You will find the ship's name in the right hand column. (RMS Mauritania 2)

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