CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Music Became Social

Thinking back about the music through my young childhood took me on quite a ride this past few weeks. So much music happened and changed the world around me as I moved up into my teens.

I got the concept early that when people gathered together , music was a key to connecting them . An intimate sharing . Of like mind and purpose.

At home , it was listening to the radio ; spinning a record or two ; singing a song to which our family all knew the words ; or listening to someone sing a special one that suited their thoughts at the time.

It was joining the group on tunes that Aunt Ivy chorded on the piano. It was following along to television shows that provided the words at the bottom of the screen, in sync with the music.

 It was watching Mum and Dad whirl a waltz around the kitchen to a love song Dad would whistle or sing. And it was putting on records when Mum and Dad were not around - trying to imitate the movements of dance.

It was attending Brownie Pack meeting on Tuesday nights and participating in bonding campfire songs.

It was going to the movie theatre on Saturday with a hundred other children and following the bouncing ball in films designed to bring us into order with song.

It was going to church on Sunday and singing hymns with the congregation at the specified times ,or learning memory ditties in Sunday school .

All of it was practice in functioning as a unit. To help us follow the dance . To unite wandering thoughts to a purpose.

And I did for a long time , follow the dance . I really did not realize the purpose . I just heard the music.

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