CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Monday, June 4, 2012

Caboose Coffee

There can never be enough talk and tales for railway readers and fans. A visit from this blogger led me to his blog. Caboose Coffee

 I like the fact that this is 'one mans story' . It is not officious or over taxing. Just one voice. His views,opinions and stories.  All adding to the picture of what everyday life is like for rail people.

Do stop by for a visit. I intend following this one.

This is such an interesting and informative site. I am learning a lot. These two posts are of particular interest to me at the moment:

The Classic Railroad Pocket Watch

Railway Clothing

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Bruce said...

Thank you Christine!

I appreciate your kind words as well as your interest in my stories. We're fast approaching a time in human history where subsequent generations will not have the opportunities that we enjoyed; those of living in a home with no electricity, no running water, no indoor sanitation and a home that was filled with discussion, laughter, fun with friends and relatives and working together to grow our food, cut our wood, wash dishes together and go out as a family to cut the annual Christmas Tree.

I too, enjoy reading your stories.


Bruce Harvey
Caboose Coffee.