CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anything Can Open A Memory

  On a trip to the grocery store , we passed a yard where two preteen girls were volleying a shuttlecock back and forth .

Immediately , the memory of when I first used a badminton racket flooded back . Playing badminton in the low light after supper is not such a great idea.

A little brown bat flying about looking for its evening meal fell victim to a strong right hand and the working end of the racket. Unfortunately , it didn't make it through the experience . It was tearfully buried beside the CPR section house.

(I can't resist - that game could be called ' Bat-minton ,I suppose.)

That happened about fifty years ago .

The 'alpha' memory doesn't fade readily when it affects you emotionally , good or bad , as this one did with me .

Have you had an 'alpha' memory stimulated in you lately?

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