CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Friday, July 1, 2011

Side Tracked: Canada Day

It is July ! st and a day of celebration in Canada today - Canada's 144 birthday as a country - young by some standards .

Just up the road , in the capital city , Ottawa , in front of the Parliament Buildings on a hill beside the Ottawa River , 250 000 people or more will have made the trip from close by and far away to take in the spectacular events planned for this year . The fact that William and Kate will put in an appearance during their four day Canadian trip will certainly swell the crowd well beyond the usual quarter million .

But by far most Canadians will be at or near home celebrating with family , friends and neighbours . For sure , I won't be in the Nation's Capital as I don't particularly do well in crowds bigger than ten thousand free ranging people . Twenty to forty thousand at a hockey game is fine because everyone has a spot to claim and free range activity is limited by the twenty minute break clock .

No big crowds and city lights for me . It's small town all the way . Since , we live in the middle of many small towns in rural eastern Ontario , we have decided on a different one this year .

Kemptville , Ontario , a town of about 3000 people . Just think , each little place puts together a day of fun that reflects their community's make up . I think going to a different one each year helps me get to know the people by how they 'party'.

How do you party on your country's birthday ?

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