CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Summer Break

Well , I am off for a week to my brother's cabin in the bush ...or Camp as mid-north to north Ontarionians call it .

Unfortunately , there will be no posts during that time . Not because I don't want to for I do look forward to this part of my day . Writing stories and reading stories . It's just that it is physically impossible for it to happen .

Kukagami Lake where my brother's camp is located is off the grid-well almost . He does have electricity , a real luxury in a camp . And he does have a land line phone- susceptible to weather conditions .

The Sauna by the Lake
 But , the location is off the higher tech grid . No cell phone towers feed into the area . You have to drive about 10 miles south to catch the edge of a zone...only if your cell company is using the local tower .

There are no satellite dishes covering the area for computer connection- no wireless . And we know how long it takes to do anything through a land line . Although , there may be some out there who don't even remember dial-up .

Life takes on a whole new form . I must say I love the simplicity of choices available . In many cases there is no choosing . It simply is what it is .

I'll be talking to you later . Bye for now.


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