CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CPR logo - The Beaver

The Beaver was chosen because it represented the hard working nature of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

It also created a lot of work for CPR section men who were contantly pulling apart beaver dams that threatened to flood or wash away the lines . Many a train derailment was caused by a washout created as a result of busy little beavers working in the area .

I often wonder what Aboriginal people thought about hoisting this as an emblem . To them , the beaver was not to be admired at all . NO! to all the negative racial stereotypers out there ...it is NOT because ' Indians are lazy.' 

The beaver displayed some negative behaviours that were not to be emulated by humans . It was never used as a clan animal because of its nature to mate with its young . It is a little too hardworking that way and thus reproduces itself quickly . I suppose that might have been a reason they were happy to trap them out for the European market way back when .

There are more beaver in Canada now than there has ever been to which anyone with a dream home in a rural setting next to a babbling brook can attest . 

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