CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fish Hatchery in Mattawa-Side Tracked

http://www.belangersoutdooradventures.com/There is a little local fish hatchery at Mattawa . Volunteers and people give freely of their money , time and efforts to ensure that the lakes and rivers will continue to provide for the wildlife and the people who use these places kindly .

During spawning season , male and female fish are netted for milking.


Fertilizing with a touch as soft as a feather

Hardening the eggs with the river water .

The fertilized eggs will sit in the perfect temperature in fresh river water until the fry (baby fish) hatch in 3-5 weeks . The fish sitters are vigilant .
 Then the parent fish are released back into the river to do what comes naturally . The small fry will be released later to stock the river. Some fry will be food for bigger fish ...some will feed the birds that come to the river ... and just maybe , a future fisherman may catch his supper , too .

A gichii miigwech - thank you - merci to kind people along the River .

including: Christian Miller and his Daughters - all responsible fisherpeople -for his great photos

and the folks and friends at  Belanger Outdoor Adventures for their promotion of responsible fishing .

Mattawa Fish Blog : thepowmill-mattawafish.blogspot.com

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thepowmill said...

For those recreational boaters who move their large boats from lake to lake , please drain and wash with fresh water your bilges , pumps and such before transporting your boat to another lake or river . Look at a drop of water from any lake under a microscope . You will see an burgeonong ecosystem ready to start wherever you add it . Spiny flea has reached Lake Nipissing . That is one transfer of an infected boat only 2 or 3 miles into Trout Lake . Then its downstream all the way through the Mattawa River into the Ottawa River and every water course downstream that empties into the River . Be kind ! It looks good on you !