CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Thursday, February 24, 2011

History of Railways and McKerrow

The AER (Algoma Eastern Railway ) heritage site has a quick overview of how McKerrow fits in to the history of the times . Take a moment to look through it , as it shows the story of the rise and fall of railways and towns through early days of mining , WW I , the Stock Market Crash 1929 , WW II to the present day . It presents the background of situation my father was working in 1950 .

http://www.magma.ca/  The AER Timeline

A brief history of the area along the spur line from McKerrow south to Manitoulin Island is presented on the Willis Family website .


To know the Aboriginal History of the Area and the Island , try exploring this site. There is a timeline that lays things neatly out in history as well as plenty of information to explain what was happening to Odawa and Ojibwe people over time in that area .


Homework ??? ...not if you are into it ... I see it as fun! It's all in your perspective . I like to be informed . It makes life so much easier .

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