CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey! What happened to the "Indians"?

I will deal with this immense and heart-rending part of Mattawa's story eventually . But for now consider these questions .

What happened to the fur bearing animals?...and what is happening?
What happened to the forests?...and what is happening?
What happened to the River?...and what is happening?

There you will find the story of the past , the present and the future . If you come up with a simple answer to any of these questions...then you haven't considered them long enough.

Take a second look and listen to ' The Ballad of Crowfoot'. There is a bigger connection to Mattawa than the obvious ones .

Understand that what is happening now is rooted in the past. What happens to everyone of us is rooted in the past . What happens to me is rooted in the past.

Hence 'True Tales' . Understanding .


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