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CPR Section House

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Because Spring's Coming-Side Tracked

Buckets hanging from taps
photo from land-of-snow.com
 Well it's March in Ontario and that means it is maple sugar time ( Remember that piece of fiddle music - Maple Sugar Time ). I may be in and out for the next while as there is a small window of opportunity to collect the sap from the sugar maple trees , so procrastination is not an option .

modern tap- drill upward hole about 1 1/2inches
into tree and hammer in the tap
photo from Schmiding.com

Ojibwe woman tapping tree with wood chip and birchbark containers circa 1900
photo from en.wikipedia.org
  The boiling started today back in the bush at the sugar shack and the old men's club is there hard at work . The method is the usual flat evaporator pan on the stove boiling away , but I think I may try and persuade the boys to let me do some sugar in the most traditional way .

 It has been a long time since I have done it the way Aboriginal people showed it to Europeans originally , and I know for sure these fellows -as old as they are - haven't ever done it like that . Maybe with a little persuasion I can get them to chop the wood I need for an open fire . Of course , the promise of a meal cooked on that open fire is the easiest way to tempt them into commitment . I'd best turn on my charm .

Pancakes and bacon...or hot cornbread...or maybe frybread...slathered in maple syrup...and fresh white pine tea sweetened with maple sugar ...I'm spring hungry .

I can't wait for a full glass of sap right from the tree to welcome the new life that is beginning to stir...all new life begins with water ...and it's flowing .

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thepowmill said...

The sap run has been extra long this year. We are still boiling down what has been collected today. At 40 litres of sap per litre of maple syrup , the 85 litres of syrup made so far involved 2600 litres given readily by the trees , with long hours of evaporation . Needless to say , the sugarbush has taken up all extra time and my blog has floated quietly around blogland with no help from me . However the trees are slowing down , although no buds are swelling yet ...and the weather is cooling again . Usually , the sap runs again after a cool spell so we may get a third run . Please check in once in a while , I will be back soon.