CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pancake Breakfast-Side Tracked

We work for the big pancake breakfast at the end of the season where family and friends gather to use up some of that fresh maple syrup .
It's a cook- them-yourself breakfast with everyone busy on propane stoves or over the campfire . I prefer the campfire myself . It seems there is always a lineup for the smoky flavour . Once the stomachs are full , the kids run to check the pails for the last collection of the season and the adults continue with visiting and the cleanup . When all is done , the wagons are loaded with equipment and people for the ride back . As the tractor pulls the cheerful faces and laughing voices back along the bumpy road , the sounds fade in the distance . All is again quiet in the Sugar Bush until next year .

Take a trip to the nearest sugar shack while you have a chance. Better yet get out and tap a few trees to make some candy before the snow is  gone.

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thepowmill said...

This past Saturday was the annual family and friends picnic at Stan and Penny's farm sugar bush . It was -10C with a wicked wind but it didn't deter anyone from wolfing down pancakes by the dozen. The sap was frozen in the pail a sure end of the first run . But more seasonal weather is on the horizon...a second run will begin within a few days. Should be able to get another 50 to 80 litres put up before the warmer nights end the run. When the work is done I'll get back to my blogging.