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CPR Section House

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Enough of McKerrow

  Things were not going well in McKerrow . Mum was getting more ill by the day since her second child . A small section job was not enough to pay the bills (hospital bill) and keep a family . The baby was still reacting to Mum's milk and formula .

 Dad heard of an opening in Larchwood on the CPR main track just north of Sudbury . It was a larger place with a station and two section houses , one of which could be theirs . So he applied to move up the section ladder . Since he had some seniority behind him , he was able to get the position . In February 1951 , they headed to Larchwood .

  In Larchwood , Mum was able to get into Sudbury to see a doctor . He took one look at Mum and called for a full examination . She had developed severe infection which was slowly killing her because of the poor treatment she had received during giving birth . Because her child was large , the doctor should have cut her to prevent tearing . Even with the emergency , his lack of concern , failure to repair damage and disregard for sanitary procedure had led to infection and blood poisoning . He was totally disgusted that a colleague like this was allowed to practise medicine . He made a call immediately , with Mum in his office , to the Espanola doctor and threatened him with the medical board if he ever heard of another case of maltreatment on any of his patients again .

Mum was relieved to have someone who actually cared what happened to her , but her concern was more for her child than herself . The doctor could see that the baby was not able to keep much down and was perplexed as to what formula was going to work . His concern was the position of the arm and leg on the right side . They should have been straighter and more mobile . As it happened , an old retired doctor dropped by the office that day while Mum was there . The younger doctor asked if he would take a look at the baby since that had been his specialty . Within seconds of seeing the infant , he announced " Take her off milk , she can't handle it . Feed her tea with a little milk in it . She has an acid problem . " As simple as that ! Mum did what was needed and within a couple of weeks the arm and leg were kicking about as in any normal child and all food was staying down . That child to this day still drinks tea with a little milk .

Dad and Mum received a letter later informing them that the hospital bill from Espanola had been cancelled with no explanation other than 'Paid in full'. Things were at last looking up .

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thepowmill said...

McKerrow is now part of the town of Baldwin and only a portion is by the highway (McKerrow). As with many small northern towns , it makes valient efforts to continue to exist and attract visitors to the area . Stop and take a look around the next time you are driving by .