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CPR Section House

Monday, May 30, 2011

Budd Car

Passenger Ridership was decreasing on short runs such as on the Mattawa-Temiscaming line and the Mattawa-North Bay stretch . More and more people were purchasing cars and transportation took to highways . However there were still enough passengers to warrant a service .

 For the 1950's , CPR offered shorter trains hauled by steam locomotives . The cost was more than what passage fares brought in . Often one or two freight cars were attached to passenger trains on short trips , but even freight was diminishing as people turned to personal vehicles for small cartage .

Model of Budd Car -Dayliner

In an effort to continue passenger service , the diesel engine offered the opportunity to create the 'Budd Car' - a dayliner with an engine as part of a coach car . These stainless steel cars took over from the traditional passenger train on all short runs for as long as ridership held out . It was flexible enough to be extended to 2 or 3 cars more as need dictated , with a baggage car for freight or an extra coach on busy routes.

 The Budd Car left Mattawa Station at 7:00am and returned at 5:00pm on the North Bay run. Once or twice a week, it did a trip to Temicaming as well. Thirty or forty people boarded the dayliner each day and returned after a day of work , shopping , doctor/dentist appointments or visiting .

By the mid 60's , ridership had diminished so much on the Mattawa runs that the service was discontinued . The Budd Car still runs in some large urban centres or as a summer tourist service .

I never got the opportunity to ride the Budd Car.

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