CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 For hardworking fellows , the Union was a blessing and often not . When we moved to Mattawa , it was the 'seniority list' that allowed my Dad to push someone with less CPR years out of his job , so that Dad could move into it...creating a vacancy .

However , it ate Dad up to think that the one he was pushing out may be sacrificed . No one wanted to be the...
last to create the vacancy that would knock off the last man on the list . He would fall into the pit of unemployment . Everyone hoped that the final bump , if it must happen , sacrificed a young , single man who would have a better chance at starting over .

 There had been a lot of 'bumping' going on of late , as men tried to set themselves in a location that 'may' save their jobs . Rumor , anger and fear were spreading up and down the rails . A black cloud of change approached . As much as half the men could lose out with these 'new improvements' to the CPR . Already , test locations were revealing that diesel power was the way of the future . The age of the romantic steam engines was beginning its final days. As time would show , this was the beginning of a long decline of railroads on the whole .

Dad and Mum were nervous . The anxiety began to line their faces and haunt their eyes . This was going to be a hard one .

If you are interested in the history of the labour movement in Canada , try this website - http://www.thesociety.ca/

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