CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Monday, May 2, 2011

Leaving Larchwood

 Sis attended Kindergarten in a one room school in the last year the family was at Larchwood . But times were changing ! Our family would have to find a way to adjust . We were quickly becoming the 'working poorer'. Even that meagre income was under threat ...

 The CPR was on the way down a road to improvement which could see my Dad unemployed with a growing family . By this point , he had attained some seniority , but unfortunately not enough to retain a place in the Sudbury subdivision . Most sectionmen were well entrenched into their positions and were there to stay . In such threatening times , none were budging . Lily's father had put in more years so he would be staying in Larchwood when the time came.

Mum nurtured her flower garden , including
the towering burdock for its showy blossoms. This would be her last garden for a while.

  The decision was made to move back to Mattawa . It was a subdivision with more employees and positions than Larchwood . There was a better chance that the time he had put in would count for something when the toll was taken .He would still have a job ...or would he?

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