CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Conscious in Larchwood

My First Conscious Thought

My world begins to move.
It bumps and heaves and jerks and falters.
Things , blurry things, float past me and beneath me as usual.
But , I begin to sense a new motion through my legs and seat.
My heart beats faster...I know because I can hear it inside my ears.

Curiosity begs me to look beyond...beyond the confines of my personal space- my carriage .
Green...I remember green flying past...beautiful , fresh , new.
Wind...I remember wind rushing into my face making me struggle to lift my eyelids against its force , fully open to the green.
Speed...it was me! It was me who was moving , not the world
...and it was exciting ;
...and I laughed that deeply satisfied belly roll of pure joy;
...and I wanted more .

a poem by thepowmill/2011

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