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CPR Section House

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bicycles 1963

Scotty and Booboo's Bicycle 1963

 When BooBoo turned 9 , Dad and Mum got him a Collie cross dog for his birthday ( Scottie).  That same month , he entered his name in a Bick's Pickle Contest at the local Red&White grocery store . At the end of June , BooBoo became the proud owner of a brand new red and white CCM bicycle . We were all thrilled that someone in our family had actually won something , if not a little envious .

So that we each could have a bike that summer , Mum went looking to find something for Sis and I .

CCM circa 1950 for Sis
 At the church rummage sale , she found a CCM in dark blue and white  Sis for $10.00 like the one in this photo (minus the fancy basket). Sis had the standard wire basket on the front and the same bell .

 Mum was able to buy an old bike from the Bell's that had serviced one of their daughters in the late 30's on . It was an orange BSA of which I was quite proud since it was a rare thing. CCM was the thing then. The BSA was heavy and had thick tires .

All of us had a great summer that year . My friend and I would ride along the highway west out of Mattawa collecting pop bottles discarded into the ditch from passing cars . By the time we reached the Wonderland (an old dance hall 12 miles out of town) , we had enough to trade in at 2 cents a bottle . We each bought a 10 cent Popsicle as a reward for several hours work and a lot of pedalling uphill. It was an easier trip home which we managed in just under an hour .

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