CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Else Is On Mum's List ?

There is a story behind everything and I could go on the wending path through each memory . For now I will keep it brief . Perhaps I'll go back to it later .

This is a shortened account of some of Mum's 'outside the home' activities .

  • Church-Besides attending each Sunday , Mum spent many of those Sundays teaching Sunday school to children ; she was an alto in the choir; she spent many hours helping out with the Women's Guild teas and bazaars ,including a lot of knitting projects .
  • Legion- Being a British War Veteran , as well as a war bride , Mum dedicated time to activities and projects within Branch 254
  • Girl Guides of Canada- for many years Mum worked with this girl's club as a leader , then a commissioner . She spent much of this period helping out two sisters with their skill development and earning badges. Since these girls were from a very poor family , they would have been excluded , being unable to afford costs . Mum used her persuasion and soon had them equipped . She also let them come to our home to work on badges/cooking and knitting skills with whatever she could provide . Mum never believed in exclusion based on creed , social class or ethnicity. 
  • For two or three years , Mum worked with the Recreation Council to help establish a small library , a swimming program at the Mattawa River beach and the Timmins Memorial Park summer day programme for Children . Mum was always concerned that children needed to have things to do and that those things should always teach them something that they could use in life .
  • Mum took on a job through this period as a Census taker . Besides her home industry in earlier days , this was the first actual job that paid a small stipend for her work . 
  • Waitress- Mum took this job as a wage earning position that could defray some of the costs in raising her family . This was Sis and my first exposure to 45 rpm records . When the juke box was replenished with new songs , Mum was able to purchase the used records for 25 cents each . She bought my sister a record player from a church rummage sale and we were set for a few years keeping up with current music just a month or so behind the charts .  

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