CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pics from Larchwood

Old and well worn by the hands of many , family photos bear the test of time as well as could be expected, when kept in a box .

Veteran Salutes



Visitors were always a treat anytime/1952

The bold wallpaper in the living room that was anything but CPR.
The table desk ( CPR Issue ) with the drawer that held well-sharpened pencils and balls of string.

Section Wives , Neighbours

April/54 Mum is pregnant with 3rd -Mrs. Kachuk always ready to take Sis
under her wing-feed , preen and teach her Ukrainian


Anonymous said...

I know these section houses' at the old larchwood station. Would you have anymore pictures showing the houses? thanks

thepowmill said...

The pics in the old family photos usually only get bits and pieces of the old section house in the background . I'll have a look through what I have to see if their are more around. If I have any more , I will post them here for you . I'm glad to see that a reader who remembers these section houses responded. Thank you .

Do you have any photos that you would like to share?