CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Monday, April 25, 2011

Side Track:Sectionmen At Work and Rest

 Dad like many men who worked the section across the country , not only for the CPR , were hard-working fellows . For the most part they remain nameless in the bigger scheme of things , but what they did kept the railway running as much as the trainmen , Station Masters and rail gangs . Their names may only be remembered by friends and family but each in his own right is deservant of praise for his contribution . 

Section men would assist crews who came in for
rail replacement .

Sectionmen on break during spring flooding
repairs , Snake Creek 1948-Spring always involved
plenty of repairs after the cold northern winters. The water is too high yet for the blackfies.

This velocipede makes it's way slowly along submerged track . This hand pumped vehicle was the main means of transportation for sectionmen . It would carry tools , drinking water , the crew and their lunchpails along their section of track . A few years after this picture was taken , motor cars replaced the velocipede and sections got larger. Both vehicles were used in all seasons , all weathers and under all conditions .

Do you remember the name/s of a sectionman , you would like remembered?
Please put his name in the comment section . Tell us where he worked.

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