CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Worn Clothes Worn

When I was very young , I remember Dad's clothing : a lot of work clothes , a few off work clothes (which eventually recycled into workclothes)and one dress up outfit (the same suit he had since after the war). Later in about 1955 , he made an investment in Legion official dress .

Captain's Cap , Gray and White pinstripe Engineer's cap , workman's cap , Fedora and a Legion beret 

lowtop summer workboots

Hightop winter workboots

overalls and a plaid workshirt

Handmade Sweater with old-fashioned car motif

White shirt , tie , vest and suit

Blue and Gold Legion Bowtie

Navy double-breasted blazer
and gray flannels

Most of all I remember the suspenders , wide workstyle that buttoned to the inside of his workpants . As little children , we liked to sneak up behind him , draw back as with a bow and let them go in a great smack on his back . Then he would roar and roll onto the ground , scaring the begeezus out of us for hurting him . When he broke into a laugh ,  we would know he was 'funning' and join the great guffaw .
 The narrow dressier suspenders that he wore after work or on rare dress occasions were not to be trusted , so he would wear a belt as well - just to be sure .

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