CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Is For You

Thanks to you who have helped my Blog move around the world !!!

A special thanks to Sarah at http://www.ahthepossibilities.com/ whose posts about blogging have aided me in improving my approach with a tweak here and there . Everyone with an itch to blog should have a look see at what she proposes . She has a few connections to other tips from other bloggers , so there is at least one tip for you I'm sure .

I had set a couple of goals for myself to achieve besides the actual writing , which is never a chore for me ...it's talking on paper... and I have been said to 'talk the ears off corn' .

My hope was to get at least one viewer/reader from every continent . Not necessarily as a follower . Well , I must say Sarah's tips helped me find 2 of the last 3 needed . I have just got Antarctica to achieve . I'm thinking a check in with Nasa or Murdo Station may lead me to follow a blogger in the farthest location South...perhaps studying penguins , or ice thickness , or the ozone hole over the South Pole .

My other task is to gain at least one reader from each country in the world . Now how many countries is that ?... 260 something? ...or more ? 
Well , I have a long way to go , although 8 more countries are now  coloured on my map stats .

So my last THANK YOU goes out to every one of those people , from every one of these countries who stopped by to read . ( I hope it's not just a server ...for my self-serving objective.)

Canada, United States, Brazil, Spain, Thailand,Turkey, Australia, Russia, China (when he/she can), Ukraine, Denmark, United Kingdom, Argentina, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Nigeria, Germany and because they like it this way...The Isle of Mann .

Here's to you all and my little world (map) turning green !

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