CPR Section House

CPR Section House

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Side Tracked

Side Tracked by Derailment : For all the railway family and fans out there , I thought I'd share on-site photos of the Ontario Northland derailment two weeks ago :mile 16.6 North Bay - Englehart run in the Temagami subdivision . 

After heavy rains , a washout caught a freight train on a curve . The three engines ended at the bottom of a hill tipped onto their side. Six cars had piled in behind . No trainman was seriously injured- more shake than break . However , it cannot have been anything less than  a frightening thing to experience . 

Where an engine goes the train follows

The photos show the sequence of steps required to get the first engine into an upright position and back up the slope . All the cars had been cleared out by this time leaving two SD751's and a SD40-2  diesel locomotives still to be retrieved . No simple task !

Side arm dozers , cables and brute strength

Dozers positioned and cables tense

Heave !


Heave again !

Locomotive 3 has trucks (wheels) but #2 will be 'a real drag' since the trucks are missing.

Almost there .

#3 next?

This aerial shot of the derailment shows the extent of the damage to the track and the area to this point in the recovery.

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